Splashing around at Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

Splashing around at Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

When temperatures soar above 35 degrees, the best day out in Dubai has to be Aquaventure Waterpark. Set amongst 42 acres, on The Palm’s five star luxury resort Atlantis, Aquaventure is beautifully set in a beach front tropical paradise. With slides, shark lagoons, lazy rivers and pools to splash about in, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.

img_5144Arriving promptly when the park opens is the best way to avoid the queues. With pre booked tickets from AttractionTix it’s just a matter of exchanging the voucher for wrist bands and loading the wrist band with money and activating the locker hire, so you can be completely hands free for the day. In all the excitement we completely forgot to take a towel but we were able to rent one for the day. Although when it’s so hot, we probably didn’t need it as we were pretty dry, quickly and merely dabbing off beads of sweat.

img_5013Feeling rather brave we headed straight to the The Leap of Faith. Nine stories high, it is one of the scariest rides at Aquaventure, and draws the crowds. It’s worth doing first to avoid queuing. The queue is quite unnerving in itself, as the buzz of excitement is drowned out by the sense of uncertainty by people deliberating taking the Leap of Faith. But seeing the six year old fearlessly jump on right in front of us, we couldn’t really turn back. The view from the top, of sharks swimming around at the bottom of the slide is absolutely petrifying. But before you know it, with arms and legs crossed, gravity pulls you down the steep vertical slide in a heart stopping few seconds. It is so fast, that if you close your eyes for a moment you will completely miss passing through the shark lagoon. The scariest part is landing in a pool of water at the end, and frantically splashing, trying to get out, unsure if you have landed in the shark lagoon. However fortunately it’s a family friendly theme park rather than a Jaws movie and you just end up in a swimming poolimg_4944.

Once we’d braved the Leap of Faith, the other slides seemed like a walk in the park. After grabbing a tube from the central pool, you have to take the tubes up several flights of stairs to the slides. The Surge and Shark Attack are most popular water coasters.

img_5115The Shark Attack sends you hurtling through the shark tank but it’s a bit more reassuring that the Leap Of Faith as you have the tube to hold on to. Bolting down the dark unpredictable twists and turns, with plenty of jolts and steep dips, it leaves you screaming for your dear life. Once you land in the shark tank, merely separated by a glass tunnel, it’s a slow bob along at a leisurely pace, amongst sharks, and tropical fish, before joining the lazy river.

img_4795img_5179The lazy river meanders around the waterpark and has some unexpected rapids that see you speeding through at quite a pace.


The Tower of Poseiden has Zoomerango and Aquaconda, that are huge looping slides that are great to enjoy as a group. They are surprisingly steep, fast and exhilarating.

img_5176Poseiden’s Revenge gives us shudders just thinking abut it. Entering the capsule, nothing can prepare you for the stomach churning moment where the floor falls from beneath, and sends you soaring through at speeds of 60 kilometres/hour.

Splashers is the relatively tame kid’s area with ten slides, buckets dumping water overhead with rope bridges, jets, and cannons to enjoy.

img_4753Running around the waterpark in the sweltering heat can get exhausting but there are buggies to help you get around from the main areas. The private beach with powder sand is perfect to relax with some ice cream, and soak up some sun. There are plenty of loungers on the beach and around the pools surrounded by lush tropical landscapes.

img_4958The fast food options around the park are endless, but our favourite was Chipstix. It’s chips with a twist. Spiralled, deep fried potatoes on a stick, and topped with a choice of seasonings.img_4756

img_4767Aquaventure is an unforgettable experience and there are optional premium experiences available including zip lining, diving and feeding the sharks for adrenaline junkies. You can even hire a go pro camera to capture footage from the day.

img_4976There’s also the opportunity to fulfil the dream of swimming, dancing and kissing dolphins in a once in a lifetime experience in Dolphin Bay. img_5015

img_5040Whether you are on your honeymoon in Dubai or celebrating a birthday, make any excuse to visit Aquaventure for a truly memorable day out in Dubai.

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