Chambers Immersive Dining Experience

Chambers Immersive Dining Experience

Gingerline’s legendary, multi-dimensional dining adventure is back. Formerly known as The Chambers of Flavour, Chambers is the fourth adventure through the multiverse, combining culinary creations with madcap storytelling. Ever-popular and always unexpected, each of the previous chapters has combined art, performance, food, drink and design, transporting diners beyond their wildest dreams into magically imaginative alternative realities.

It’s all rather top secret, however if you are adventurous and hungry be sure to check it out. There are some surreal moments, which are both weird and wonderful, in this latest adventure. But it’s all hush hush so we can’t really tell you much. You have to just expect the unexpected and that’s really all part of the charm. Taking place in a hidden Hoxton location, intrepid diners only receive a text message with directions on the day of the adventure. The vague directions of left turns and right turns, it’s a wonder we made it on time.

On arrival, we entered the gastronomic world of Chambers_ to join forces with a rag-tag crew of culinary cartographers. It’s sure to keep you on your toes (and taste buds), for beyond each portal sinister forces could well be at play. You work as a team to push beyond the known limits of the dining dimensions.

Put simply, multi‐dimensional dining has punters traversing through different rooms, or parallel realities, enjoying five flavoursome courses of food by sister company Flavourology.  They pride themselves on their accessible and flavourful, fresh, feastly and fun menus, served up in mischievously interactive and creative manners. After two riotous hours, diners are can stay on into the night at the intergalactic bar before returning, invigorated, to the real world.

It’s quite a unique experience, that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to check Chambers out now.

*Disclaimer: Concierge Angel were complementary guests of the Gingerline, however all reviews are unbiased. Images by Gingerline.