Guide to Creating Listings

For New Users

  1. Register with a username and your email address.
  2. You will see a message at the top of the screen showing “User successfully registered, email was sent to your email address”
  3. Check your email for login details which will be sent immediately. If you do not see it check your junk folder for an email
  4. Click on the first link in the email to set a password. An optional strong default password will be present- please ensure you make note of this. Alternatively, you can create a new password and then click Reset Password.pwFor Registered users 
  5. Login with your username and password. If you have forgotten this you can reset your password.
  6. Your easy admin section will look like this. Complete your profile- this information is not your listing.profile
  7. Go to the Items tab and click on Add New to create your listing.add
  8. Add your business name.item
  9. Add text about your business. There is a word count available at the bottom of the box. For Premium and Exclusive accounts Media files such as you tube links can be added here. Photos and media should be at the end of the text. Pictures should be sized at approximately 450×450 and should not exceed 1MB.
  10. Set item image. This will preferably be your company logo. This needs to be a square. Please ensure your picture does not exceed 1MB.image
  11. Insert a subtitle about your business. This may be your company slogan or a brief description about your business.
  12. Add your address and then click on find address on map. Do not alter the GPS locations.This is essential to get listed and allow your business to be found with location services.
  13. Insert your telephone number. with country codes. If you have more than one telephone number click add new item to add additional numbers. tel2
  14. Insert your email address and click show contact owner button.
  15. Insert your web address with http://
  16. If relevant add opening hours- and switch Show to ON. open
  17. Add social media links by clicking on add new item. social
  18. In Advanced filters chose the appropriate category. If you only offer services within 1 country click on national supplier and if you offer service abroad click on Global International supplier.
  19. Select the appropriate category for your business type. cat
  20. Select regions in the world where you offer your services.
  21. You can preview your listing or save it as a draft if you want to come back to complete it later.
  22. Click submit for review- this is essential to get listed.publish
  23. Your listing will be checked and optimised for publishing and will be live within 7-10 working days.


If you have any problems please use the quick listing pages:

Basic Listing
Lite Listing
Premium Listing

Exclusive Listing