The Magical Christmas Experience at Lapland UK

The Magical Christmas Experience at Lapland UK

Children all over the world are told fond Christmas tales about the hardworking elves, making toys tirelessly for Santa. The stories are mystical and enchanting, and it’s every child’s dream to be a part of it. Just imagine the look on your child’s face, when you tell them they can become Santa’s little helper in the North Pole. At Lapland UK, Christmas is brought to life in the annual, immersive, award-winning experience.

christmastreeFrom the moment the invitation arrives, the excitement is infectious, and sees grown adults turning into big kids, as they anticipate enacting their childhood dream. There’s a distinct dizzying feeling, whilst walking through the Enchanted Forest and being whisked away, from Whitmore Forest to the North Pole. The intricate attention to detail, from beginning to end, is just charming. There’s no mistake that you have arrived somewhere rather special.

img_0485Greeted by jolly elves at check in, the children are given Elf passports, to collect stamps along the adventure. The elves are ever so cheeky and soon have you joining in on their songs and silliness. Be prepared to place your thumb on your nose and wiggle your fingers in jest, as the customary greeting throughout Lapland.

elvesThe journey begins, with a group tour, through the illuminated evergreen fir trees, deep into the forest, for theatrical story telling. As the large doors are flung open, there’s a jaw dropping moment, when the bright white light from the snowy set shines in, and has everyone mesmerized. There’s a unified “Ooooh” from the awestruck audience, before being welcomed into the winter wonderland.

img_2990Everyone is guided by Santa’s helpers, along the secret pathways to the hidden village, for the children help make toys in Santa’s workshop.

img_0530There’s a sense of nostalgia, as Wooden toys on the production line, circle overhead, leaving you feeling like you’ve fallen into the 1980’s Christmas classic “Santa Claus: The Movie.” The kids get to help the Elves stuff a cuddly toy and build a wooden teddy bear, before being hurried along to the next stop.


After a sing-song with Mother Christmas the children are swiftly enticed into decorating gingerbread men with sweets and icing.


There’s plenty of time to leisurely stroll through the stunning snow dusted scenes, and absorb the Christmas spirit. The Arctic woodland is complete with Huskies, Reindeers, jovial jugglers, and an ice rink for the keen skaters. The Bauble shop is full of gorgeous decorations and is just so dreamy. Fish for crumbled cookies from the bottom of the smooth hot chocolate, from the quaint café in the Elf Village. Trade in the shops, with a pouch of Jingles, as the currency of choice for Elves.



img_0570There’s an element of magic at every step. It’s an unforgettable experience, you really won’t want to end. The kid’s on the other hand can’t wait for the grand finale, to meet Santa Claus. With the good list in his hand, Santa really knows everything about the kids. One can’t help but smile at the stunned look on their faces, as he commends them on their recent accomplishments. This is the moment that will be cherished for a lifetime, just as much by the big folk, as the little folk.

img_3144Tickets are expensive, but this premium experience is truly priceless. Children leave shrieking with joy, “That was the best day ever!” The three and a half hour experience is suitable for families with children of all ages. Tickets include a personalised invitation from Santa in the post, all the activities, a lovely gift from Father Christmas, and a souvenir photograph, for each family to treasure. Tickets are only available until 24th December 2016, so be sure to book now.

Lapland UK, Whitmoor Forest, Swinley Road, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8BD


*Disclaimer- Concierge Angel were complementary guests at Lapland UK however all views remain unbiased.