Cook Fresh Washoku Cuisine with Valentine Warner and Panasonic

A day in Panasonic’s Test Kitchen with celebrity chef Valentine Warner left us feeling rather inspired. There is something satisfying about cooking fresh, restaurant standard food in your own kitchen, especially when celebrating a momentous occasion. However this can evoke the thought of slaving all day, left with lots of washing up and being left [...]

Exciting News: We are finalists in the UK Blog Awards

ConciergeAngel has been short-listed as a finalist in the UK Blog Awards in the “Food & Drink Category.” We would like to thank all our avid readers for your support. We are so excited that our blog could be in with a chance of winning such a prestigious award. We will be keeping our fingers and […]

Kawaii Monster Cafe, Harajuku

Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Cafe is a unique concept and all the rave, as a hotspot in Tokyo. Walk along a monster’s tongue into a multicoloured room with a huge spinning merry go round, cake. Surrounded by four funky themed zones to choose to sit in. It has a slightly crazy meets Willy Wonka hallucinatory style, […]

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

The Robot Restaurant in Shinkjuku is an exhilarating experience. The evening starts in a cycadelic lounge sat in a golden snail with neon lights and mirrors. It’s rather bizarre but that’s all part of eras mataz, that is rather whacky and intriguing.The arena is quaint and the robots huge. Front row seats guarantee the need […]

Lindt Cafe, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Ginza region has some amazing places including the Lindt chocolate Cafe. The red Lindt truffle balls lure you in to this quaint cafe and we are sure glad that they did. The menu is mouthwatering. It’s a tough choice deciding between the decadent desserts. Chocolate fondants are a guilty pleasure but even more so when […]

Cafe Rambutan, Shinjuku, Japan

Tokyo is full of amazing restaurants and international cuisines. One thing we noticed about some of the smaller restaurants was they offer niche Japanese food. If you want Katsu curry you will have to go to one that serves Katsu and if you want a hot bowl of Ramen there’s individual restaurants for that too. […]

Alice In Wonderland Restaurant, Ginza, Japan

Imagine an evening in Alice in Wonderland’s world. Now you can in Diamond Dining’s themed restaurants across Japan. Each restaurant is unique and takes you to different parts of Alice’s dream. The restaurants are well concealed and you will only find them if you are actually looking for them. Enter Ginza’s Labyrinth, with oversized pages of […]

Dominique Ansel Bakery, Tokyo

Imagine the excitement when I heard Dominique Ansel had opened a bakery in Tokyo. With years of visiting the New York bakery to be deterred by the mile long queues, there was a chance I could could finally savour an infamous Cronut. Or so I thought. Cronuts are a hybrid combination of donut and croissant, […]