A Treasured Gift: Lucky Sixpence Necklace

A Treasured Gift: Lucky Sixpence Necklace

‘Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

Something blue

and a Silver Sixpence in her Shoe’

As wedding tradition has it, the old, British sixpence coin is said to inspire good fortune, wealth and prosperity, when worn in the bride’s shoe. Traditionally the father of the bride would place the sixpence coin in his daughter’s shoe, as a symbol of wishing his daughter happiness, health and a prosperous marriage. Putting a coin in a shoe on your wedding day, surely cannot be the most comfortable place for a good luck charm. But that’s just how the goes.

The Lucky Sixpence Necklace from Natural Amber is a precious, eternal memento for a wedding gift, in keeping with the old tradition. As an everlasting gesture, it can mark a joyous occasion whilst being cherished and then passed down for generations. It is a unique keepsake that marks the old wedding tradition and will hopefully keep traditions alive for the years to come. One can imagine a sixpence, in an open toed stiletto, is more likely to cause blisters and slip out, and it’s unlikely to keep the tradition going.

IMG_8456This necklace is simply designed with two lucky sixpence overlapping, sitting elegantly on a silver necklace. It’s well made and a beautiful piece of fine jewellery, that can be worn both casually or dressed up for a formal occasion. The sixpence coins are intricate and there’s something rather regal about the necklace. One side bears Queen Elizabeth and the reverse roses, thistle and three leaf clover. Each coin has been polished and is sparkling and can be worn interchangeably with either side of the coin front facing.

IMG_8476This stunning piece is in fact a perfect present for any occasion. As the years go by, buying special birthday or anniversary gifts that genuinely evoke excitement and are truly memorable for more than a minute can be rather challenging. So if you are looking for that unique gift, this definitely is the one. The one she will wear glowing with pride, and cherish for years to come. It is sophisticated enough for any age. It’s perfect if she has a secret numismatics collection.

IMG_8459The sixpence has always had lucky connotations associated with it, in Britain. Many years ago it would be hidden in Christmas pudding and the person to find the sixpence was rather lucky. The sixpence was the average wage for workers, and so children would be extremely excited if they were lucky enough to find the sixpence in their Christmas pudding. There’s something rather charming about the history of coins and their journey through time. And that’s why this Holly Willoughby inspired double sixpence necklace is really rather special. One can’t help but not want to take it off, and wear it everyday. We all like to believe in good luck charms and this is the perfect charm. It is a memorable keepsake that will be treasured for years and years, as a gift that won’t be forgotten. Better still, spoil yourself if you are in need of some good luck.

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*This item was gifted from Natural Amber however all images and views belong to Concierge Angel.